Quintessentially the best in their own right. Locally owned & operated, this place gets it right. The Young Family make this flooring thing look easy...this is the FLOOR place of GNO. 
— Teneha, via GooglePlaces.com
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Throughout the process they were all professional, courteous and neat. The workmanship on the floors and the windows is perfect.
— Louis, via GooglePlaces.com
My realtor recommended Floorcrafters to get our floors redone before we sold the house. I think it added double the value of the cost we put in. These were old floors and they look just gorgeous and reflect the light. 
— LadyNOLA, via businessnola.com
I cannot express to you how happy I am with the floors in our restaurant. They are exquisite and so perfectly N’Awlins, with historical beauty and character. We raise a toast to your work and thank you again.

We had some boards that had termite damage and needed to be replaced. We contacted one contractor and his recommendation was to rip up the entire bedroom floor, including the sub-floor and replace it entirely to the tune of around $5000. We found Floorcrafters through Home Adviser and had them come out to give us a bid. Ed gave us a bid of $775. We couldn’t believe our ears!!! We scheduled the work and it took 3 days just like we were told.
— JLM, Yelp
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They actually listened to the fact that I did not want all scratches and dents sanded out of my old floors, and they just sanded far enough down to get through old poly so they had clean surface to re coat...They were clean, considerate and professional. I will use them again.
— Angie's List User